B.H   4 Cheshvan 5778     24 October 2017
Elections: Proceed Securely- Dr. Gadi Eshel 21 Kislev 5769 / 18/12/2008
Dr. Gadi Eshel
Dr. Gadi Eshel  /  ערוץ 7

Elections in Israel- the ruling entity in Eretz Yisroel, are always elections about Eretz Yisroel, and if you claim that that the issue isn’t only the land but our actual lives, they are actually one and the same. The struggle for Eretz Yisroel today is not only about security and lands and property, but a struggle for “Bais Chayeinu”. The return to the land is our uniqueness; the purpose of our mission.

But not only. The return to Zion designs the daily world order, and is the core of the culture struggles around the globe. It makes up the fabric of our national and personal lives. Everything else is either dwarfed by this or is a tool on its’ behalf. So is education. Education is not and end in itself. Education to what?

All other parties and organizations are a cover up on positions about Eretz Yisroel- from both directions. Beginning with Aleh Yarok, Yerukim, Social parties, retirees and the Edah Charedis, down to Shas and Likud (nationalistic liberals) and all those who join to change things from within, all do this with Eretz Yisroel at the head. Even when no stance (radical) is a stance.

Therefore, Eretz Yisroel loyalists cannot have “freedom of vote” about Eretz Yisroel, especially not in the name of the Torah. Anyone who says this is making a fool of himself. Therefore, anyone loyal to Yisroel – which must include Eretz Yisroel-, cannot afford himself the luxury of putting down his arms in the thick of the struggle.

Therefore, dear members and friends, who have raised the flag of Eretz Yisroel net-members of Hatikvah, Eretz Yisroel Shelanu, Chi”l, and especially the Eretz Yisroel loyalists in Bayit Yehudi- you have no mandate to run on separate tickets. Rush to unite!

The “Camp of Life” needs you alive (unified)