B.H   4 Kislev 5778     22 November 2017
Shlomo Slonim‚ Chevron 5689 (1929) Pogrom Survivor 21 Cheshvan 5769 / 19/11/2008

Shlomo Slonim personally experienced the Arab massacre of Jews in Chevron. All his father's great relationships with the Arabs didn't help, all the promises caved in, and his family was slaughtered before his eyes, together with the rest of the Jews. Shlomo, who was then a baby one year of age, was stabbed by Arabs in his forehead and finger- a symbol of their war with the Jewish mind and hands.* These are our neighbors

This week, when we read Parshas Chayei Sora, and when the High Court ruled to evict Jews from Beit Hashalom in Chevron,it is fitting to interview Shlomo Slonim, survivor of the Chevron Massacre, 5689, and today a resident of Ranaana. Slonim fears that the government will realize the goal of those Arab murderers. He calls upon the entire Jewish population to come to Chevron and strengthen the Jewish settlement that continues the chain of Jewish Chevron starting with Avrohom Ovinu.

Shlomo Slonim is a fifth generation Chevronite. This year he turned eighty years old. Slonim is the sole survivor of the Chevron massacre in 5689, when his entire family was brutally butchered. His father, mother, sisters and brothers were murdered before his eyes when he was a baby of just one year.

Could you give us a brief outline on what happened 80 years ago in Chevron, for the benefit of the next generation?

"It happened exactly eighty years ago. On Shabbos morning, the 18th of Menachem Av, Parshas Eikev. A wild mass of murderous and bloodthirsty Arabs massacred the Jews in the City of our Patriarchs. With murderous looks, they surrounded the Jewish homes, burst in, and stabbed and butchered the Jews without a drop of pity. They killed young and old, men and women and children with great cruelty.

"One of the most horrific scenes took place in my father's house. My father, Eliezer Dan Slonim, Hy"d, was the local bank manager and one of the most respected personalities in the city, by the Arabs as well. Rabbi and Mrs. Orlansky of Zichron Yaakov were guests in our home at the time. They came to participate in a family simcha that took place the day before. The Arabs promised my father to protect him and his people, should any violence break out. Many Jews gathered in my father's house, believing that they were safe there.

"At eight in the morning the signal was given, and Jewish Chevron was attacked. Streams of blood flowed from the doorsteps, hundreds of wounded, many critically, lay in pools of their own blood, amidst the corpses. 24 of the 67 massacred, were butchered in the "safest" house in Chevron- my father's house.

"I was one year old at the time. They stabbed me in my forehead and finger- a sign of their struggle against the Jewish brain and hands- to this day I have a scar on my forehead, and my finger is paralyzed, a silent witness to the atrocities."

How do you view the events in Chevron today, in light of the latest developments?

'Chevron is a Jewish city, bought and paid for in full. There was always a Jewish settlement in Chevron all during history. Even after the pogrom there was an attempt to renew the Yishuv. It is very sad to see all the problems. It is sad that the government and High Court are making obstacles for the settlers, and forbid them to renovate houses and enlarge the Jewish settlement. There are proofs that Beit Hashalom was purchased legally."

How do you view the harassment and disturbances to the Jewish settlement in Chevron?

"It happened "davka" during the week that we read in the Torah about the purchase of Chevron where our Patriarchs rest, where Dovid Hamelech established his kingdom for seven and a half years. All during the years there were Jews in Chevron. All those who visited Chevron and chronicled their travels write about a Jewish settlement in Chevron.

Sadly,the settlement in Chevron has always suffered harassment, and they never understood how important the settlement is. The Israeli government and the High Court

are rewarding the murderers of 5689. The government is finishing off what they started- to make Chevron "Judenrein".

The governments' hostility, particularly the last governments, is so great that they don't allow the Jews to develop in Chevron. They want to finish off the Arab murderers' job from 5689. We must hope that it will not come to pass, and that their evil ideas will be nullified. All of those leftist groups that come to incite the Arabs against the Jews are the root of all the trouble."

Do you fear that the government will evict the Jews from Chevron?

"I very much hope that not, and our obligation as Jews is to all in our power to see that they do not cut the sons off from Chevron. However, sadly, the danger does exist. I hope that the Jewish people will not allow Jewish Chevron to be destroyed. We will not reward our murderers."

How are you connected to Chevron today?

"We encourage Chevron, and strengthen the Jewish settlement. We are involved in all that happens there. Every Rosh Chodesh we arrange a trip to Chevron from Ranaana, to daven at the Meoras Hamachpela. I call upon each and every Jew to come and strengthen Chevron in these difficult times, when they are trying to harm the entire Yishuv."