B.H   4 Cheshvan 5778     24 October 2017
Delegation of the Land of Israel Loyalists In Europe 9 Nisan 5771 / 13/04/2011

Delegation of the Land of Israel Loyalists In Europe 

It all started with the visit of the right-wing parties MPs from Europe, six months ago, held at the initiative of a community leader in Berlin, Mr. Chaim Milstein. The guests visited the West Bank, military bases, were hosted by Knesset Member Rabbi Nissim Zeev, and finally made a moving visit to the Gush Katif Museum. 

As a result of the visit, friendships were formed that led to the European trip of three activists dedicated to Shleimus Haaretz: Professor Hillel Weiss from "Ne′emanei Eretz", R. David Haivri, head of external relations in Shomron, and Rabbi Shalom Dov Volpo, Chairman of "Our Land of Israel." The visit was carried out by the invitation of Mr. Philippe de – Winter, head of the "Freedom Party" in Belgium, a party which has a ten percent membership of the voters in Belgium, and 34 percent of the voters in Antwerp.  

One of the main activists of the party, affluent Mr. Patrick Brinkman, financed the plane tickets, hospitality, glatt kosher meals, and he also drove the guests from city to city in his car.  

The purpose of the visit was to meet with representatives of the Rightist parties who act against the spread of radical Islam in Europe. A common interest that transcends all geographical borders - working against surrender to Muslim terror - bonded the sane politicians in Europe with their counterparts from Eretz Yisroel. 

The delegation arrived in Berlin on Sunday the 28th of Adar, and visited the Shliach Rabbi Teichtel′s Chabad House, and the Holocaust Museum in the city. From there they drove about 600 miles to the city of Gelzenkirchen, On Monday they addressed some 200 residents at the ancient palace in English, including members of the municipal parliament. All the speakers dealt with the terrible danger of a Palestinian state and the necessity to settle all the territories with Jews. During the event the liberal mayor held a demonstration of hundreds of participants opposite the palace, protesting against the "racist" guests (there was also a protest in the local newspaper against the visit and it said there that it all a lie and there no such thing as Yehuda and Shomron, that there is really only the" West Bank " of Palestine).  

On Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Nissan they arrived at the ancient city of Cologne, visited the Chabad House directed by Shliach Rabbi M. M. Schtroks, and an official reception in the municipality building was held.  At the reception they spoke about Shleimus Haaretz. The guests visited archaeological digs where Jewish homes and a Mikvah were found. 

On Wednesday they arrived at the city of Brussels, Belgium, where they addressed dozens of members of the Flemish Parliament (Belgian, Flemish and Federal) and Senators, including Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee heads. 

Professor Hillel Weiss spoke in part about the importance of the settlements in Yehuda and Shomron, the cradle of the Jewish nation, the Jewish Nation′s ownership of the land throughout the generations in these areas that we inherited from our fathers, and also about our position according to international law- the decision of the "San Remo United Nations Conference " (in 1922) that includes the "West Bank "as part of the land of Israel belonging to the Jews. He declared that Muslim grip on Yehuda and Shomron and Yerushalayim will encourage terrifying Muslim expansion in Europe. He called upon the audience to do everything possible to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, for their own good.  

David Haivri lectured at length about the history of the settlement in Yehuda and Shomron, the wonderful achievements of West Bank residents and the importance of the Shomron from security and historical perspectives. His fluent English and way he analyzed the situation, captured the hearts of members of parliament. He was also equipped with a wonderful video of Shomron.  

Rabbi Volpo spoke of his family members who were victims of the murderous Arabs for several generations. He described how his great grandfather was killed in Chevron in the year 5658, many family members were slaughtered in the riots of 5689, all this before the problem of "territories". He asked the audience if they would be willing to establish a Muslim state in Brussels in order to bring peace between them and the Arabs in Europe, explaining that the Israeli government can not give parts of the Holy Land to the enemy, even for the simple reason that they do not belong to the government, but to the people of Israel throughout the generations. 

Another issue addressed at the gathering was the position of "Ne′emanei Eretz "who are about to establish "a Jewish authority" in the West Bank, to meet this threat. After the speeches came a series of questions and answers in the special atmosphere of cooperation and mutual understanding.  

Senior party members and members of Parliament hosted the delegation for lunch at Parliament′s official guest house, each kosher meal hermetically packaged with kashrus seals of the Lubavitcher Rabbis in Brussels. 

On Thursday, a reception was held in the municipality of Antwerp and an official dinner in a kosher restaurant which was also attended by local Shliach Rabbi Shabtai Slavaticki, who addressed all the participants and became acquainted with them.  

The highlight of the visit was when the head of the party, Mr. Philippe de - Winter signed a document calling for Jewish settlement throughout Yehuda and Shomron, and against a Palestinian state. He took it upon himself to sign up many more leaders of right-wing parties in Europe.