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How Important is Shleimus Haaretz? 3 Adar II 5771 / 09/03/2011
שלום שלום ואין שלום
שלום שלום ואין שלום  /  ארון הספרים

How Important is Shleimus Haaretz?

Thirty years ago the Rebbe instructed Rabbi Volpo to publish his book "Shalom Shalom v′Ayn Shalom" that deals with Shleimus Haaretz and the dangers of the Camp David Accords. The book includes rare documentation from different wars in Israel and the struggle against the pullback from Sinai * The historical volume is coming out in a new edition

A new edition of the historical book "Shalom Shalom v′Ayn Shalom" will be available shortly. The book is very timely, in view of the upheavals and revolutions taking place in the Arab countries. The book summarizes the struggle against the pullback from Sinai, and presents hundreds of documents and news clippings from that period of time.

The book was written and published 30 years ago by Rabbi Sholom Dov Volpo, Chairman of the "Our Land of Israel" Movement, by a personal directive from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the days of the Sinai withdrawal.

The content of the book is fascinating, and has historical importance, helping understand the struggle against the Begin government′s concessions.

The events are presented in clear chronological order, and lead the reader in a time tunnel back to the Six Day War, the War of Attrition, the Yom Kippur War, up until and including the Camp David Accords. The book includes rare documentation of articles, certificates, and newspaper clippings from those days.

The publications department of SOS- Israel decided to publish the book in a new edition, for the lessons to be learned are so pertinent in the present. The book should be required study material in all schools and a must have in every home. The book explains clearly the significance of the sanctity of Eretz Yisroel, the inherent dangers in withdrawing from territories, and the obligation to protect Eretz Yisroel in light of the events that transpired.

The volume contains 600 printed pages on glossy paper, and thousands of books will be released for sale in the coming days in book stores around the country. We call upon all Eretz Yisroel loyalists to help distribute the book to as many people as possible.

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