B.H   4 Cheshvan 5778     24 October 2017
The IDF Conversions Compromise Security 20 Shvat 5771 / 25/01/2011
הרב גדליה אקסלרוד‚ אב בית הדין בחיפה
הרב גדליה אקסלרוד‚ אב בית הדין בחיפה  /  חבד אינפו

The IDF Conversions Compromise Security

Rabbi Gedalia Axelrod, Av Bais Din, Chaifa 

A petition filed with the High Court dealt with a conversion annulment of a woman who stated that she didn′t accept the yoke of mitzvos when she converted.  The petitioner claimed that insincerity in acceptance of mitzvos cannot annul conversion.  The Attorney General for Halachic Issues, Rabbi Shimon Yaakobi, was requested to submit his judicial opinion before the court hearing.  He examined the topic from a Halachic and a judicial point and arrived at a clear conclusion: according to the Poskim, a conversion can be annulled. 

This is a quote from the booklet that he authored: "Instant conversions will not solve the basic problem of disunity within the nation.  Neither will ′hopping conversions′ nor ′winking conversions′ solve it.    We all must be wary of sliding down a slippery slope, which can bring to the division of the nation into two nations." 

Rabbi Yaakobi′s superior was displeased by his booklet, and it was archived and not presented to the High Court.  In its stead, a notice was sent to the High Court that the convert′s problem would be solved in the best fashion.   Then the order came from ′on high′ to approve her conversion without investigating if she observes the mitzvos. 

But ′the Protector of Israel neither dozes nor slumbers′: when the prosecutor  made a faux pas at the High Court session, and in a totally unnatural and unexpected slip of the tongue said that the IDF conversions were illegal, the  secret was out.  By Divine intervention the mockery of the mass fictive conversions became public knowledge.  These conversions don′t resemble true giyur. The conversion institute′s teachers and counselors ridicule accepting the yoke of mitzvos, and the converts are aware, even at the moment of ′conversion′, that it is the same as a reform conversion. 

Now is the time to lift the veil of lies from all the conversions performed by the various conversion Batei Din.  According to Rabbi Yaakobi′s computerized statistics, 97% of all converts who divorced in Bais din in the  12 years between 1996 and 2008, did not observe mitzvos at all. 

Conversion is a halachic status, and if mitzvos were not accepted, no conversion took place.  There are no two opinions on this.  When individuals with an agenda try to remove the separation between the Jews and other nations, and cause (G-d forbid) terrible assimilation, they are tampering with the protection and defense of Eretz Yisroel.  The results are well known: wherever there was an attempt to assimilate Jews with other nations, it brought tragedy. 

Almost 100% of the converts went through invalid conversions, since they didn′t sincerely undertake the keeping of mitzvos at the time of their conversion.  It is therefore forbidden for them to marry Jews, and forbidden to marry them with chupa and kiddushin. 

We hereby appeal to all Rabbis who perform wedding ceremonies- chupa and kiddushin: please do not marry these fictive so called converts, and don′t become a partner in assimilation by buckling under to dictations negated to the Torah.  

In the merit of this unwavering stance to protect the lamb amongst 70 wolves, we will experience the imminent and complete Geula, with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.